The ISRAELI Association of Communal Communication

The ISRAELI Association of Communal Communication was founded in 1994.

It represents thousands of volunteers that make up 250 groups that broadcast  communal life all over ISRAEL.

The volunteers groups  broadcast from EILAT in the south to KIRYAT SHMONA in the north of ISRAEL  in cities, kibbutzim, , developmental towns, regional councils.

The local television serves all kinds of populations of all the ages: youth, pensioners, including populations that have special needs, new immigrants, Arabs etc.

Most  groups have a common interest, like women, religious groups, new immigrants," green organizations" health organizations etc.

The local T.V. is  a popular expressive tool based and protected by law, and reflects the social and cultural needs that the commercial television does not take  interest and is not willing to invest in.

The local T.V. is accessible to people all over the country and is seen at the local cabels and the Israeli saterllite channels.

Our association is recognized by the Office of Communications  and of the Council of broadcasts of cables and satellite, representing all the local association of the broadcasters in the country.

Goals and role of the Association


  1. To represent the volunteers of community broadcasting and their groups .To develop and to promote the communal communication and to protect the communal democratic communication in Israel.
  1. To promote legislation and other means to ensure civil rights and freedom of speech in the communal communication .
  1. To support the existing communal broadcasts, to act to widen the broadcasts, by means of individuals and groups and to encourage production and broadcast of programs to the varied activity in the community
  1. To co-operate with groups and institutions in Israel or in other countries that have common interest.

What has been done so far?

We supported the different groups in productions on specials days of broadcasting in national subjects such as: health, life, environment, education, culture and more .

We initiated courses and studies to improve broadcasting skills and the people who participated in them.

We produced conferences and festivals in which thousands of volunteers participated. Their goal : to present the ability and strengthen the volunteers,  to upgrade their ability in the fields of communal communication

We create partnerships with civilian organizations in order

 to create joint programs of communication in the fields

such as: quality of life, communal security,

education ,culture and more.

We lead social struggles for communal broadcast in ISRAEL.

And we publish of national journal called – " Community T.V." –which  reflects the activities  in local T.V. in ISRAEL. 

We established website

that contains articles, information on the broadcasted programs, pictures and movies made by the different communities



CHAIRMEN OF THE ISRAELI Association of Communal Communication

Mobile phone: 972-52-4418282